Thursday, January 6, 2022

ChezCindy: 10-year Anniversary

February 2022 marks the 10-year anniversary for me in writing this food blog.  Thank you to all who have followed me through the years and hello to all who are new to the blog!  The Chez Cindy blog offers a welcome to the "Home of Cindy's Cooking".  Quite often, many of the posts I write reflect upon the influences of my family and friends towards the food I create.  I thought it might be fun to highlight a few favorites.  

Starting off, I want to showcase Casey's Ketchup Steak.  This family favorite was a dinner my dad made for us when my four brothers, me and my sister were young kids.  It was a special treat we all enjoyed, and it gave our mother a break from cooking.  Now we make this dinner for our loved ones.  

One of my favorite posts is my yellow corn salsa recipe.  I created this summer salsa recipe using all yellow ingredients, yellow tomatoes, yellow peppers, and yellow corn.  The outcome is delicious, with the yellow tomatoes being less acidic than the red, and the sweet corn and yellow peppers adding great balance, with a bit of smokiness from ground cumin.  As I state in the original post, my brother-in-law's traditional red salsa is still the very best homemade salsa.   But my yellow salsa is a winner.  I also use it for my salmon fish tacos.


I must make mention of the various banana bread and banana muffin recipes included on my blog.  If not for all of the over-ripe bananas rejected as acceptable for husband's usual daily breakfast, I would not have so many banana recipes to choose from.  Thankfully we have a dear family friend with whom I share the baked goods.  Here is one of mine and our friend's favorite banana muffin recipe, with many more posted on the blog for you to try.  

Chocolate is a favorite theme on my blog.  One of my favorites is the post on my chocolate hero, Alice Medrich for cocoa brownies with brown butter walnuts.  The chocolate post featured below gives a nod to my sister who is masterful in making homemade pie crust.  Truthfully, throughout the years, I have struggled in making pie crust.  At times the crust would come out too tough or fall apart when I rolled it out and tried to transfer it to the pie pan.  But now I have found my go-to recipe for pie crust, and it works every time.  Much practice helps to make it perfect.  Give it a try with this recipe for chocolate chip tollhouse pie.  

Some of my favorite posts are food memories created into recipes from our travels.  Often times the restaurant will share their recipe or the recipe can be found through an internet search.  Other times, I work tediously to create a recipe strictly from my taste memory as I am unable to obtain it otherwise.  This post was created from one of our many visits to Maine for downeast salmon cakes.   

I'll close this anniversary post with one last family favorite, salmon pasta with asiago cream sauce.  The recipe is my creation from a similar dish I had at a local restaurant.  The restaurant took it off their menu and I was determined to make it at home.  I'm certain what I created is not what the restaurant served, but we liked it so much I stopped trying to make theirs and it became my own.   


I offer a big thank you to all of my supporters for tasting the results of my cooking creations for this blog and my cooking classes.  Thank you to my friend from years ago who encouraged me to start this blog and her technical support in setting it up.  

Chez Cindy

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